Monday, August 02, 2010

Twin Muses Dance

Twin Muses Dance

By: James Dubeau

Twin muses dance



About me

Ribbons of shear silk

Wash over my body

As I attempt

To hold their hands

And keep up

With the passionate dances

Youthful exuberance

Beams from one’s smile

Her eyes flutter with joy

But it is those eyes

That never quite meet mine

Always peering off

To that of another

Ages old wisdom

Radiate from the other

But her eyes

Never look with mine

To a future

Of inspired creativity

With her by my side

Two muses dance

Around me

Filling my eyes and heart

With joy

And creativity

And inspiration

My moment is now

While my muses are here

For me

With me

I should pull them close

Hold them tight

Take them up

On their offers to dance

Before the night grows dark

And my muses float off

Leaving me


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