Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Can I Get Love On Lay-Away

Can I Get Love On Lay-Away
By: James Dubeau

Cleanup in aisle three
A scratchy voice rings
Over a defunct
PA system
Across stark shelves
And harsh floor tiles
So highly polished
Glaring fluorescent bulbs
Reflect back
In high detail
Glass scraping upon a dustpan
Reverberates off
Hard surfaces
Sharp corners
And the corrugated metal ceiling
Illuminated in flashing blue lights
At the edge of the row
An employee crouches
Hunched over broken glass
And crimson stains
Working a dustpan and broom
Excuse me sir
I ask timidly
Sweaty hands jingle
Spare pocket change
His eyes glare back
Digging deep into me
Not wanting to be disturbed
But I must ask
Before I leave
Can I get love
On lay-away

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