Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Miss Tennis

Let's play
Just you and I miss
Serve your eyes across the net
I'll send mine back softly
When these racquets sway
A court glossy green
Buoyant ball, seldom far
Not hit too hard
Points scored
Tie us
Here we go,
'Love' serving 'Love'

Sunday, June 18, 2006

How Am I Not Myself?

When something like this happens
I'm inherently a small boy with a hairy chest
Alarmed and unsure, I lash out (subliminally & subversively)
To protect from schoolyard bullies
(Except I already have one of my own, he's nine)
But in a way, I don't really mean it

Sometimes I feel a little left out
Because these people are just a little weird
(It's definitely not me, they have a tribal mentality)
I pretend like I don't care and
Have a silent gavel to stow it
Action from apathy, I just get up and leave

Somewhere, it is distant, from my past
Well, it criss-crossed something else, and arose
I tried to hide, or at least change the subject
(It was just a little secret)
To save a shave of shame, I lied
(I don't like standing in corners)

Somewhat a conflict over conversation
Jabs and words were spread and stabbed
I think and say one, yet feel another
For some reason of which even I'm unaware,
Really I must stand my ground
(I got her back, now it's even, or am I behind?)

Friday, June 09, 2006

Drunken Airmanship

Take one exception
And just get up and go
Leave the terminal and
Further vacation
By just adding drinks
With crazy air take-offs
And mid-sky connecting flights
Fast to exotic sites
High above far away
Foes and daily draining woes
With shiny silky crystal sand
Start a new land

Personal 82

I want a man to love
Who is willing to share life
In its deepest reaches
Forms, in actions...fun, intimacy
Joys and concerns
I like to swim in pools
Canoe, boat, um...hike snowshoe and walk
Dance, discuss social issues...politics?
I like to problem solve
And am willing to learn...
Looking for a like-minded person
Who is rare and who has found it difficult...
So far, to find, the right