Sunday, July 09, 2017

Mysterious Sea

Getting up and going out,
Taking-off and landing, on down
Curvy interstate wanderings with
Accompanying interstitial slights -

Hiding your Inner-space while
Yearning for outer-space
Divvying up and coming together
To just see it all - blown apart

You take me from mine, and I'll take you from yours
To inevitable places, between those spaces - for
More is known of Mars, than the deepest ocean floor
Escape - a swan dive, deep down, ocean blue explore?

Dada said, "the blue Sea is everything
 there is to so know..."
 "I have maybe four drops of it, you, sun -
So inversely related and effectual,
"...Son, maybe two of ocean blue -
"You, two, and I..four
"Maybe no more...?"

Surfer after chaotic ocean waves
Close call
To the shore, triumphant fist in air
But the waves will continue on
And with the moon and stars or solar flares
They just don't care
No, never will.

Swimming around and Drowning down
Is all this seems to be
All This, the Sea, and what
You try to be

All you'll ever do - or
Will ever be
Will never echo the never ending
Mysterious sea

((Ahoy, Sailor!))

Around A Bit

To Grin...(slyly)

Somewhere on the world you spin
Footprints left on places you've been
Across ponds, maybe long broken bonds
Exploring lands are maybe futile plans

And whether the weather wherever,
Somewhat knowing such, it never goes as planned
For rain is soaking, but the ground so solid
It goes around and....'round

You've been away for sometime?
But it is the same space
Some ordinary place

Where are you going?
Where have you been?
Somewhere on the world you spin.

Sunday, June 25, 2017



Oh, Betty -
Mountainous highs with
Valley lows
Somewhere you roam

Loch Ness "Nessie" -
In sea -
Are you there to tell us what you want to be...
Is it not, what to believe?

Alien ships meshed with hard-ships
Third-kinds will just have to unwind
These ships,
Only the Triangle so knows
It's unyielding...So take the time. 

I just ask,
Is there something else?
Closest DNA relative to aquatic dolphin
Is in fact, the African Hippo
Paranormal parameters
The Ever-loving sky
All those that pass by

It drops on us...
Saucers somewhat seen
What does it all mean?