Wednesday, August 26, 2009

As Night Goes On

As Night Goes On
By: James Dubeau

As night goes on
My eyes grow heavy
But my mind
Fails to rest
Excitement is just beyond
The horizon of my life
Just out of reach
But close enough
Where the dismal sky
Is illuminated
In pre-dawn dull gray
Stars of despair
Still twinkle
But are slowly washed out
As the gray turns to blue
And the skies brighten
If only my brain
Could grasp this future
And rest easy
Knowing safety
Was around the corner
But instead
It plots
And plans
Trying to weasel out
Not facing the challenges
Or accepting the fact
That I need
One more
Good night
Of sleep

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Serpent Flies

The Serpent Flies
By: James Dubeau

The serpent flies
Above our heads
Like a scavenger
To pick my bones
Devour my flesh
Leaving bleached
Only one defense
Lays between us
Only one thing
Can be done
To subvert attacks
But do I have the will
The courage
The gumption
To do what is right
And fight back
Against the beast
Who would do anything
To devour me
My soul
And I

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Be Gone Ye Plague

Be Gone Ye Plague
By: James Dubeau

Be gone ye plague
A curse upon my soul
May ye flow from my head
With the green sludge
Which drains from my nose
Aches and pains
Ravage my mind
And body
Keeping the sandman
Away tonight
If only he could fight
On my weakened behalf
And defeat the monsters
Dwelling deep within me
To allow a peaceful slumber
Of which I have not seen
For many a fortnight

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dead James Day

Dead James Day
By: James Dubeau

Could be so lucky
Not to die from GenCon flu
Can be sleep time now?

Friday, August 14, 2009

Done Are My Childish Days

Done Are My Childish Days
By: James Dubeau

Done are my childish days
No longer can I play
Not with video games
Nor with dice
For now I must behave
Grow up as I should
Do the things
That a grownup would
Balance my checkbook
Pay the bills
Make sure that
The mouths are filled
Good bye my friends
For this road
Must be traveled alone
There is nothing you can do
It must be proven
That I am capable
And an adult
And that those days
Of fun and laughter
Are far behind me

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

How Much Blood

How Much Blood
By: James Dubeau

How much blood
Can my heart beat out
When I slit my wrists

Could it spray
Paint the walls deep red
Squirt my life away

Will it seep
Soak my bed scarlet
As I bleed on out

Knife in hand
Soon I will find out
When the blade cuts deep

Monday, August 10, 2009

One More Day

One More Day
By: James Dubeau

One more day
Waiting and watching
One more day
Hoping for the best
One more day
Fearing the worst
One more day
To sit in agony
One more day
Until the truths revealed
One more day
Then we shall know
One more day
Left to go
One more day

Friday, August 07, 2009

Demon Clutches Tight

Demon Clutches Tight
By: James Dubeau

As you wonder through the forest
A demon clutches tight
Hanging onto your back
No matter what you do
There is no shaking him
His claws dig in deep
Talons piercing the skin
Blood weeps from torn flesh
A fork appears in the path
One to the north
The other to the south
Keep on going the way it has been
Or hope for something different
A bigger demon swoops down
As the south path is chosen
Knocking the parasite
From your back
Making sure the old pest
Will never bother you again
Instead of walking tall
The weight removed
He latches on as well
Claws digging deeper
Teeth tearing into flesh
Forcing you to slump
From the added weight
If only the original remained
The comfortable demon
But he is gone
Forever replaced
By the new

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Some Days

Some Days
By: James Dubeau

Some days
You realize
How bad you screwed up
The one little decision
That changes your life
Turning top to bottom
Good to bad
Destroying all
All that you want to do
Is curl up in a ball
And scream
Letting the tears well up
Trying best to sooth the pain
Some days
Are just to hard
The few solutions
Are few and far between
Self medication
Or maybe something
A little more
If only you could go back in time
Alter the course of history
Change that one single event
Make it never happen
Keep that mistake from appearing
If only it were that simple
Then there wouldn’t be
Some days

Monday, August 03, 2009

When I Look At You

When I Look At You
By: James Dubeau

When I look at you
So much rushes to me
Running through my mind
Everything you do
Everything you say
Digs deep
Under my skin
Into my soul
Gone is the love
Gone is the compassion
Only one solace remains
For it will not be too much longer
Soon you will be gone
Out of my mind
Never to haunt me
My days
My nights
My life