Friday, May 29, 2009

Horizons Are Clear

Horizons Are Clear
By: James Dubeau

Horizons are clear
As they stretch out forever
Only a few roadblocks remain
Before goals can be reached
Hop over the turtle
Leap across the stream
Dash through the field
Climb the steep hill
It is in sight
Nothing can stop me
Not even you
Or you
Or you

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Waiting For Seeds

Waiting For Seeds
By: James Dubeau

Sitting high atop the birch
Surveying all that he sees
Waiting for his moment to strike
Waiting for his moment to seize

Birds flutter in
Pecking all around
But there is no treasure
None to be found

A bounty of fresh seeds
Is what he desired
Waiting and watching
While growing tired

The sun fell
The moon rose
After all this time
He felt hosed

Monday, May 25, 2009

Running To And Fro

Running To And Fro
By: James Dubeau

A confused squirrel dashes about
Up and down
Around and around
Dodging rain drops
As they pelt his head
Drenching his once poofy tail
Into a sad sack of fur
There is not right answer
No where to run
Rain falls from the sky
Just as the sun rises and sets
There is nothing that can be done
No leaf big enough to hide under
No hole large enough to hide in
Only his wits
And sense of survival
Will keep the poor little squirrel alive
As he dashes to and fro
And makes the best of the situation
In the down pouring rain

Friday, May 22, 2009

Ode to the Flying Fortune

Ode to the Flying Fortune
By: James Dubeau

There once was a little old ship
That flew at a mighty fine clip
And be a lure
For an adventure
For in a good strong gale
She would be no snail
And whisk you away
Beyond the Milky Way
So it is time to earn a doubloon
Upon the Flying Fortune

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Evening Jog

Evening Jog
By: James Dubeau

Take a deep breath
Step out the door
One foot after another
It has been a long time
But it is time once again
No more than an hour halved
And I should be back
If I do not return within an hour
I shall be dead
Or dieing
On a street corner
Send out the dogs to find me
The sun hangs low
Peaking over roof tops
As foot fall follows
Foot fall
Music strapped down
Cords imbedded into my head
The pace is slow
Building up steam
Hip screams out in pain
Breath comes in pants
It is not long before the first corner
And the second
Slightly down hill
Steam builds
And momentum flows
Foot after foot
Along the concrete pads
Corner three is turned
An even playing field ahead
Fires go dim
Steam dies down
But I can do this
I know I can
Fuel is added
Stoking the fire
Powering the engine
Deep within my soul
Fourth corner in sight
A steep climb ahead
The fire almost burned out
But one last go
Pour on what is left
Pace quickens
Altitude gained
And I find myself home again
Shirt soaked
Body aches
All smiles

Monday, May 18, 2009

Stormy Day

Stormy Day
By: James Dubeau

A squirrel sits perched
Atop the swaying birch
Wind had picked up
Clouds gathered
Darkening the sky
Storms are brewing
Falling drops of rain
Splattering water falls
Pelting leaves atop the tree
Running down the squirrel’s face
He darted left and right
Jumping from branch to branch
Unable to decide where to run
Each path led to failure
There was no reprieve
No matter which way he ran
Water pelted his progress
Leaving one drowned rodent

Friday, May 15, 2009

Night Is When The Demons Come Out

Night Is When The Demons Come Out
By: James Dubeau

Night is when the demons come out
Crawling from deep dark places
Enveloping my head
My mind
My soul
How can the torment stop
When my mind races though mazes
Hoping to find a weakness
A thin spot in the hedgerow
That will hasten my journey
And allow me to escape
Lead me to sanctuary
From the night demons
Before all is lost
To the darkness

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The World Closes In

The World Closes In
By: James Dubeau

The world closes in
Around my laying form
As my body aches
And head spins

Tissues pile high
On my bedside table
As the box is depleted
Of its fluffy white treasures

A cough ravages my raw throat
And then another
And another

All I can do is lay here
Sip my soda
Blow my nose
And try to get some sleep

Monday, May 11, 2009

Dead James Day

It is dead James day
Just like Megatokyo
Enjoy the haiku

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Enjoy The Haikus

Enjoy The Haikus
By: James Dubeau

Poem not finished
Begging you for forgiveness
Enjoy the haikus

Welcome to Loves Park
Where we all want to belong
I love you Loves Park

Tasty salsa made
As well as vegetable dip
Good day was in store

Monday, May 04, 2009

Growing Older

Growing Older
By: James Dubeau

When one grows older
One starts to realize
That the world isn’t the same
As it once was

Not as it was remembered
Nor as it was in actuality
The world has changed
And so have I

Things were easy once
And heads were full of hair
Now every day is a struggle
And my body fell to pieces

As I walk down these streets
Familiar to my senses
Sight, touch, taste, smell, hearing
It all comes rushing back

Familiarity only goes so far
Echos of places long past
It is not the same here
I have never walked these streets

I am reminded of past friends
Smiles and laughs once had
Heartache over girlfriends
And choices that were made

The future seems so dim
In comparison to those times
When I was full of hope
And time stood still

Lately I had forsaken what I love
Unmotivated to be productive
Or am I just to scared
Fearful of what the future may bring

It was once said
Five years ago
That now is the time
A future must be made

As I walk these streets
Not much has changed
Future must still be made
And now is still the time

Maybe now that I am older
Reality will finally strike
And I will pursue what I love
Achieving far off goals

Or I will stay the course
Floating through time and space
In no particular direction
With no destination in sight