Friday, July 30, 2010

What I Wouldn’t Give

What I Wouldn’t Give

By: James Dubeau

What I wouldn’t give

To hold you tight

In my arms

What I wouldn’t give

To have your body

Pressed against mine

What I wouldn’t give

To feel your chest heave

With every breath

What I wouldn’t give

To smell your hair

And its intoxicating bouquet

What I wouldn’t give

To kiss you softly

As we fall asleep together

What I wouldn’t give

To have the moon and stars

Rise and fall above us

What I wouldn’t give

To see your beaming smile

When we both awaken

What I wouldn’t give

To have you as mine

And to be only yours

What I wouldn’t give

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Here I Sit

Hear I Sit

By: James Dubeau

Here I sit

On a ledge

Over looking the country side

Far below

My dangling legs

Waves crash upon the lake shore

Why am I up here

One might ask

Atop this Mountainous outcropping

All alone

With my thoughts

Where not another soul can be seen

There can only be

A single reason

I wasn’t lonely enough in my bedroom

Monday, July 26, 2010

Lying In Bed

Lying In Bed

By: James Dubeau

Lying in bed

Nothing is said

For I am one


Road dog

Eyes are red

Heavy with sleep

But my work isn’t done

As I lay here

Pondering about sleep

And dreading the day to come

Unfinished work begins to eek out

From these weary fingers

Something has gotta give

And with a little luck

A muse’s call is answered

It may just be a little something

For tonight

But I’ll take what I can get

And that is all I need

To fall asleep


Friday, July 23, 2010

Vacation Haiku Day

Hopefully you won't mind, but since I'm on vacation I didn't really have a chance to finish a poem for today. So, I'll post some Haikus that I wrote today in a Haiku inspired email conversation I had with friends today. Thank you for reading and please enjoy.

I am so sorry
What it takes escapes today
I cannot converse

You guys are awesome
Thank you very much Brandon
Isn't this much fun?

That is no haiku
You are counting syllables
Write a good poem

Dearest Nathanial
Depends on how you say words
Fudge syllable count

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rhapsody Infecting Nymph

Rhapsody Infecting Nymph
By: James Dubeau

Everything you do
runs through my head
igniting deep desires.
Never before has this
rhapsody been sung
infecting what transpires.
But I’m left to dream of
brown or green
little old thing you wear.
Ensuring my heart grows fires.

Monday, July 19, 2010

On My Mind

On My Mind
By: James Dubeau

How did I get here
How did I get home
I don’t remember the drive
Not a turn
Not a stop light
Not tonight
But it was not the fault
Of the devil drink
Oh no
Not tonight
Only one thing
Had been circling my mind
Keeping me from sleeping
Keeping me from eating
Keeping me from living
This one thing
Reduces me to
Fits of rage
Tears or joy
Bouts of confusion
Someday maybe
I shall see the light
But tonight
Is not the night
For I’ll be forced to
Toss and turn
Lost deep in my
Internal monologue
Sorting out
That which is
On my mind

Friday, July 16, 2010

Half Finished

Half Finished
By: James Dubeau

Everything I touch
Does not get
The due dilligance
It deserves
Somewhere along the way
The train is derailed
And projects are buried
Under mounts of paperwork
And forgotten
Ending in
Mid thought
Mid sentence
Mid word

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Heart Must Journey

The Heart Must Journey
By: James Dubeau

The heart must journey
Up narrow routes
Navigating twisting turns
Over the mountains of life
At any moment
Boulders could tumble
Or ground falls out
Killing on the spot
The trek never goes
As it was hoped
Through these treacherous lands
An impasse will be reached
Trails blocked off
By this natural disaster or that
But the hike must go on
If paradise is to be reached
For the heat to grow
And beat strong
Once again

Monday, July 12, 2010

Art Show

Art Show
By: James Dubeau

Smooth jazz flows
Over the nooks and crannies
Of the exhibition hall
Washing over all
Who take in
The many paintings
Of nature
And wildlife
Upon the walls
In the breaths
Between the songs
Bubbling brook of voices
Rolls through
Only temporarily before
Laughter punctuates
And music starts again

Friday, July 09, 2010

Nectar Of The Gods

Nectar Of The Gods
By: James Dubeau

Here I sit
All alone
And the waitress
Does not heed
My need
Just like back home
Amongst the pool tables
Where the game is played
How long
Will it take
For me to receive
The beverage of the gods
It could be right now
If she graced me
With her presence
But I will not
Go ask for it myself
She should know
My wants and needs
Before I even ask
But if she cannot
Bring me a beer
Before I even ask
Then what is the point
Of it all
For that is her job
And I tip well
For the nectar
Of the gods

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Mating Dance

Mating Dance
By: James Dubeau

Lightning bugs scatter
About the spotlight
Dancing hear and there
In search of a mate
Not far below
In the beer garden
Men and women
Do the same
Smiles on faces
Beer in glasses
As the mating dance
Is perpetrated

Monday, July 05, 2010

The Ending

The Ending
By: James Dubeau

Floating through life
In a melancholy haze
Neither good
Nor bad
Just unhappy
Bobbing along
With you
It would be easy
With a fight
A sudden break
To change it all
But that will not happen
Not you and I
We are too copasetic
Somehow I must
Scrounge up the courage
Be the bigger person
And end it all
You are not happy
I am not happy
We are not happy
All it will take
Is a few simple words
To say that I’m leaving
That we will be happy
Moving on with our lives
There will be tears
And heart ache
But it is what must be done
For us to move on
To make a better life

Friday, July 02, 2010

Dilapidated Headphones

Dilapidated Headphones
By: James Dubeau

Head nodding
Bouncing back and fourth
To the melody
Screaming across
Dilapidated headphones
Along the beat
Hammering through bone
Reducing gray matter
To painful mush
Sharp cornered plastic
Cuts into ears
Leaving flesh soft
Bruised and bloody
But it is all a relief
From the daily grind
An escape
From harsh realties
Of a life lived
On the edge of poverty
On the edge of starvation
On the edge of death
Only the music
Brings solace