Saturday, August 05, 2017

Pictures of Life (and Death)

As you dually lay there
The stomach and diaphragm meekly dropping down
As the last breaths meander out
These are the last seconds of life
Memories, Prism-pictures and the 
Blending and blinding of the light
Crashing, combining and crashing
Across neuronal synaptic clefts

The Flicking and fleeting
What will be the last picture you see?
Your benevolent son running in the rain...
Your eccentric father at just like thirty-five...
The day with mountain mist at Wapta Falls...
That one girl, you knew was for you - but got away?
However, the winds and waves face another day

Like when the ink-capsule and top come off with the cap
Was it a grudge - A solemn hard ride?
Or, gold and glitter - A joyous slide?
Most likely, a blending of both
Were you virtuous OR victorious?
Did you "win"? - OR were you happy?
As circulatory traffic all but stops
Fleeting life's pictures, and the last flickers 
Your life's arc - your id's bark - 
Good luck, it all goes dark..