Sunday, November 23, 2014


Pete took a drink of water and shut the faucet off, while setting his glass down to the left. He took a few steps to the right. He ran his eyes about the room noticing darkness had invaded the proximity. He listened intently and shot a few more furtive glances. Nothing. Nothing out of the ordinary, anyway. But something was off, he thought. Something was just not right in his modest two-bedroom apartment now fully covered in the night's dark. Pete finally found the light-switch. He flipped it - nothing, the room remained dark. He heard nothing of his cat and her meows. Which was strange, because in the dark she was always prowling around, getting into things and making noise. She was a clumsy cat and Pete often thought of her as very un-catlike. He could feel the blood in his vascular system pump a little harder. He walked out of the kitchen and into the living room flipping another switch. Nothing...again. His blood began to circulate even faster. He could feel it. Pete froze for a second and ran all the possibilities through his head...and was ready to bolt for the front door. But he didn't and remained, lightly stepping about with arms outstretched. The apartment now was completely dark and there were still no sounds from his cat, Chairman Meow. Pete was a mix of befuddled and petrified. He let out a slight moan as he hit his shin on something sharp and pointy. It was pitch dark, like a recess in the mind of a misanthropic sociopath. Was this an elaborate prank? Of course, that wouldn't explain the extra darkness hanging in the room. It had an inexpiable quality to it, Pete thought as he took some deep breaths. It was, oddly enough, darker than dark. It was an indecipherable blackness that clung to everything it could devour. Pete was standing still now fully enveloped in darkness, in a random spot in his living room. It was like the encroaching dark had Pete in a hypnotized state. He felt like he couldn't move - but knew he could. Or did he? Finally, a few steps - "bingo!," he exclaimed, as he seemingly grabbed the front door handle. He swung the door open and the apartment hall light seeped in - fully attacking the dark. Pete tried to get his wits about him as he stepped out into the hall - fully embracing the light.

Friday, November 07, 2014

My Life in Front of the Screens

My life in front of the screen
Spaces and splices, scene by scene
Supposed magic and splashes of art
Or small pocket powerhouse galaxies
Explored and watched - also called...
Or from a living room and staring ahead
Staring down, staring straight across
Well we're bored -- it's not a crime
Everyday in front of them most the time
Transfixed yet tranquil
For good or bad, the balance leans -
To our lives in front of the screens.