Friday, July 07, 2006

What You Will

Is the first day
Of the rest of my

Give exception
Second best something
The other took a left
Sharp corners of Hart and 1st.

And so if the son succeeds
The father succeeds
Or the other way around
And 'round.

"Hi ya boss, great, really me too!"
(What an asshole...get outta here)
"Good...wonderful...glad to hear it!!"
(I'm a fake asshole too).

Yet, tryin' to get back home
A big wishing well spill
I was told it's what you will.


  1. That's what Nietzsche said, and his lonely, digestively troubled, chronicly ill life proves that you may truly will at the expense of the quality of your life... Awesome blog!

  2. agreed with t.s idiot, i tend to missinturperate your poems so i wont even bother telling you what i think this ones about