Wednesday, April 01, 2009

A Bard’s Overture

A Bard’s Overture
By: James Dubeau

The dining area of the Ashlawn Inn was filled with music that morning. In the corner sat a young gentleman who alternated between singing and playing his flute. Dawn light filtered through the windows illuminating his brick red skin and twisted horns. A tail poking out from under his dull red hide armor thumped along in rhythm to the songs.

Over the hills
And through the woods
An adventure shall always find you

Weather on foot
Or sailing seas
An adventure shall always find you

Follow the plea
Against your will
When an adventure comes to find you

For it is not
Every day
That adventure comes and finds you

Smells of eggs and bacon wafted through the Inn as the rest of the adventurers filtered into the dining area. To each the seated man in the corner smiled and did a half bow as he continued to play. As soon as there were four men seated around the table, he finished his last song and proceeded to cross the dining hall. His five foot long tail swished behind him as he walked.

Upon reaching the table the bard spoke and bowed deeply. “My name is Barakas Reverence of Bruskas Crossing. If I am not mistaken, you four must be representatives of the other towns felled with curse.”

The barmaid made her way around the table, placing plates heaping of eggs and bacon in front of each of the men along with pitchers of water, juice, and ale. Working their way around the table, the four men introduced themselves while feasting on the morning meal.

“I am Samel, hailing from the village of Cardinal Glen,” said the tall and stocky purple skinned individual that sat next to Barakas. His priestly robes clinked as he moved, indicating that chainmail armor was worn underneath. “Your music and song would be a great addition to the temple. If only it hadn’t succumbed to that dreadful curse, now the main temple is turning into swampy ruins.”

An extra empty plate sat next to Samel, noticing the questioning look from Barakas he added, “The extra plate is for my god, Hanine. It is only proper to set a place for her, should she ever make her presence known at meal times. A long standing tradition at the temple.

A fair skinned individual sat next to Samel, his dark cloak and hair seemingly framed his pale skin. Pointed ears stuck out from under the mop of hair, still untidy from the nights rest. He fidgeted with the silverware while Barakas sung and played, and now felt the eyes around the table directed towards him. “Quarian…”

“Beorwyn Broadhammer of Stonebridge,” the short, thick, individual interrupted with a belch while shoveling eggs into his mouth. The few bits of egg and ale that didn’t reach is gaping maw were lodged in his matted beard. He was clad in well maintained chainmail armor and had a hammer with an oversized head strapped to his back. Tufts of clothing stuck out from under the armor that looked gray from wear, mud, and sweat. A hint of a foul order reached Barakas’ nostrils, not enough to cause the food to taste bad, but enough to make Beorwyn’s presence unpleasant to say the least.

“My name is Loraz E’pan and this is Johan, we are from the town of Willowbrook,” the other fair skinned individual with pointed ears said while pointing to empty air beside him. He had opened a small pouch and placed berries and leaves upon his plate, eating each one by one, and had placed a small pile of the food beside his plate. “Johan and I have traveled many miles to join this quest to end the curse that besieges our homeland. Johan, why aren’t you eating? Do you not like Bilberries?”

Ignoring Loraz’s comments to his invisible friend Barakas replied between bites of bacon, “Now seems to be our chance to bring about the end of the punishment our forefathers had put upon us. We should get a move on as soon as we are finished eating. I would hate to see the curse last for another twenty-five years just because we let the month flitter by like a butterfly on the wind.”


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    Thanks for leaving comment in my space so I could find your blog :) I love poetry. Maybe not much of a writer myself, but my other half is.
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  2. Very good blog indeed.

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  3. This is a very good blog. I don't normally read poetry but this is very good. I enjoyed it.

  4. Jamwes, really liked this, in fact, I think it's excellent and one of my fav's you've written. Keep up the good work!!

  5. Thank you everyone for the positive feedback. I think I'll have to keep up on this story and post to it every once in a while. We'll see where it goes and where this adventure takes us.

    Unless, of course, my devoted fans want it updated more often.

  6. Thank you for posting on my blog. I really like your poetry. Well done.