Monday, August 30, 2010

Dear Muse

Dear Muse
By: James Dubeau

Dear Muse
How can I
Be inspired
When you torment me so
With that smile
And twinkle in your eye
Every time we meet
You leave me
Battered and bruised
My weary fingers
Cannot grasp a pen
It trips and falls
Before making a scratch
But your mark is there
Handprints upon the wall
A sign of the times
We had together
Marks that should
That could
That would
Wake me from this
Weary slumber
Shake cobwebs
From heavy eyes
Guide my hand
Across the page
Letting loose
Torrents of black
Upon the sea of white
An uninterrupted river
Of consciousness
Instilled by
Fiery passions
Which burn
Long and deep
Feeding me
Providing strength
Until I lapse
Needing you again
So my muse
This I must ask
Leave me some vigor
Let me achieve
A full night sleep
For once
So that I may
Regain that
Which I had lost
My sanity
My mind
Drumming up poetry
And stories
For you
For me
For any that read

Friday, August 20, 2010

Insomnia Thoughts

Insomnia Thoughts
By: James Dubeau

As I lay here
In my bed
My eyes are closed
But not my head
Body aches
It’s not well fed
Mind races
Reviewing what’s said
Filling it all
With fear and dread
But I must keep
Tugging at this thread
For sooner or later
I shall be dead

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Computerized Thoughts

Computerized Thoughts
By: James Dubeau

What if there was a way
To download to computer
All that I am thinking
And have stored away
From this head of mine
Then I could have
Each thought
Each idea
Each emotion
Displayed out
On a 3D
Display table
All would be shown
As a tangled web
Of images
Before I flick my hand
An it all straightens out
Into a thin line
Of scrambled images
To the table’s edge
Slowly my fingers move
Flicking images up and down
And all around
To several different piles
Of like minded
Hopes and dreams
Fears and despair
And those little
Every day quarks
Which keep this mind running
Near peak efficiency
These sorted little piles
Could tell me
Exactly what is riding
Locked away in my head
Then I could
Decide what is needed
What is extraneous
What should be acted upon
What can be left along
And what is just
Complete and utter trash

Monday, August 16, 2010

Large Red Numbers

Large Red Numbers
By: James Dubeau

Large red numbers
Dimly illuminate
Counting down the minutes
Until the morning sun rises
This bed
Is not as comfortable
As it once was
The secrets of sleep
Are no longer provided
Thoughts race on by
While I lay
No matter how heavy
My eyes have become
No longer
Can I lay
With arms around my pillow
It is not the same
As it once was
With a heavy sigh
I roll over
But you are not there
My arms will remain empty
While another minute
Ticks by on the
Large red numbers

Friday, August 13, 2010

Pen And Napkin

Pen And Napkin
By: James Dubeau

Here I sit
Waiting for
God know who
To show up
And all that I have
To keep myself
Is my Pen
This napkin
And all the
Jack and Cokes
I can drink
While my money
Holds out
Good thing
This old brain
Of mine
Is easily amused
That the thought
Of putting
Ink to paper
Is all that I need
To keep me going
On this night
Any other person
Would have gone
With the dancing
And the music
That floods
This establishment
As the first patrons
Filter on through
One by one

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Can I Get Love On Lay-Away

Can I Get Love On Lay-Away
By: James Dubeau

Cleanup in aisle three
A scratchy voice rings
Over a defunct
PA system
Across stark shelves
And harsh floor tiles
So highly polished
Glaring fluorescent bulbs
Reflect back
In high detail
Glass scraping upon a dustpan
Reverberates off
Hard surfaces
Sharp corners
And the corrugated metal ceiling
Illuminated in flashing blue lights
At the edge of the row
An employee crouches
Hunched over broken glass
And crimson stains
Working a dustpan and broom
Excuse me sir
I ask timidly
Sweaty hands jingle
Spare pocket change
His eyes glare back
Digging deep into me
Not wanting to be disturbed
But I must ask
Before I leave
Can I get love
On lay-away

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What Is This

What Is This
By: James Dubeau

What is this
What is happening
Why do I do this
To myself
Reaching out for that
Which I cannot have
Should not have
But I want you
And I need you
And you will be mine
My tasty little friend
Soon you will be
Inside of me
A quaint dessert
Of my liking
My little
Chocolate Extreme
Ice cream

Friday, August 06, 2010


By: James Dubeau

Over the horizon
Just out of sight
Lays an untold future
Full of mystery and delight
If each step is placed
As carefully as can be
Then all will be happy
And good for me
If just one step
Is placed out of line
Then the land beyond
Would be treacherous
And in full decline
Full of snakes and thorns
And creatures of the night
That is the risk I’ll take
In this trek tonight

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The Tools I Carry

The Tools I Carry
By: James Dubeau

Belt weighed down
By many of my tools
Tape measure
For measuring 2x4s
To see into darkened corners
To record it all with
And inspection kit
Packed to the brim
Inside that opened top kit
Are most of the tools
That are used
Every day
Electrical tester
For 2-prong outlets
Electrical tester
For GFCI protection
Electrical tester
When no contact is needed
Small mirror
For hidden numbers
Extendable magnet
To evaluate gutter metal
Or sometimes
To fin a wayward screw
A pick
To prove wet wood
Digital thermometer
For water temperature
Ball point pen
For signing contracts
Pen style stylus
To tap in my notes
On the temperamental PDA
Shirt pocket bulges
With 2-way radio
For communication
With the boss
My satchel lays
Down in the basement
Atop the clothes dryer
With the rest of my tools
Electric screw gun
For removing panels
Ratcheting screwdriver
With oh so many bits
For challenging screws
Breath mask
And goggles
And suit
For attic excursions
Laser thermometer gun
To check ACs
Back-up batteries
Incase the flashlight dies
Moisture meter
To prove my suspicions
Business cards
In one pocket
Microwave beanbag
In another
Indoor only shoes
Fill out the bottom
So that mud and snow
Encrusted boots
Don’t track across
Fresh carpeting and clean floors
Leaning against the front door
Are items to big to carry
My short step stool
To see a little higher
And my collapsible
To get upon roofs
Locked away in the truck
Far out at the curb
Are the rest of the tools
Unused every day
But important every month
To ensure that everything runs smooth
While inspecting
The house

Monday, August 02, 2010

Twin Muses Dance

Twin Muses Dance

By: James Dubeau

Twin muses dance



About me

Ribbons of shear silk

Wash over my body

As I attempt

To hold their hands

And keep up

With the passionate dances

Youthful exuberance

Beams from one’s smile

Her eyes flutter with joy

But it is those eyes

That never quite meet mine

Always peering off

To that of another

Ages old wisdom

Radiate from the other

But her eyes

Never look with mine

To a future

Of inspired creativity

With her by my side

Two muses dance

Around me

Filling my eyes and heart

With joy

And creativity

And inspiration

My moment is now

While my muses are here

For me

With me

I should pull them close

Hold them tight

Take them up

On their offers to dance

Before the night grows dark

And my muses float off

Leaving me