Monday, January 26, 2009

Solitary Island

Crystal blue skies
Hang overhead
Wind from the lake
Removed remnants of warmth
Leaving the solitary island

Mothers, fathers, children
Smiling and playing
Grandparents smiling
Warmth exudes from their love
In the happy places
Found in their hearts

The island stands alone
Floating amongst the lake
Waves lap against the frozen shore
Snow swirled as the wind blew
A crow soared high over the island
Not daring to land
Knowing the land was bare
For good reason
And it will remain alone
Until the end of time

Friday, January 23, 2009

More Twitter Haiku

Glorious half-day
Writing and posting blog soon
Whopper will be lunch

The morning was long
Could not write you a haiku
Until this moment

It has been busy
Housing market on rebound
At least for this week

Farming is no fun
Hours spent toiling in fields
Planted seeds will grow

Slackerz FTW
Nanomachines, Space Weapons
Everything better

Monday, January 19, 2009

Twitter Haiku

Friday is so slow
No one is ever online
Hit counter is sad

How can I market
With all the competition
Breathing down my neck

Lunch time was yummie
I did not have a Whopper
Cooked burger instead

Can it be lunch time
There was no dinner last night
Food does sound tasty

Pondering tonight
Is there anything to do
You have suggestions

Friday, January 16, 2009

Out, Out, Brief Candle

Zack clutched his rifle as he huddled in the corner of the bombed out bar. His breath formed into clouds of smoke that drifted away when he exhaled. Snowflakes drifted through the gash through the building’s roof.

The body that lay next to him coughed and stirred. The bandages on his left had turned a dark crimson. Zack patted his buddy’s shoulder and gave some encouraging words. He then scrounged around behind the bar. With a glint in his eye he resurfaced with a bottle of whiskey and a candle.

“Looks like we can have a bit of a good time,” he said before taking a swig off the bottle and passing it off. His buddy coughed and his shaking hands reached for the bottle.

The candle was lit as the pair huddled for warmth. Light warmed them from the cold. Silently they drank from the bottle. Silently they watched the candle burn.

Crash! Boom! The wall caved in. Zack dove behind the bar as the candle tipped over. A monster stepped through the wall. It’s red eyes surveyed the room, scanning everything over. Zack shivered in fear.

The body next to the knocked over candle coughed. The beast turned, its metal flexed, the machinegun raised, and the glowing red eyes locked on to its target.

Zack screamed as he stood from behind the counter. His assault rifle rang out as his fingers clenched. The machine staggered from the onslaught, but brought its own weapon to bear. The bar, the wall, and the ruined building were encased in a cacophony of noise. Dust and debris filled the air as the night was illuminated by muzzle flashes. Walls came down and the bar was reduced to splinters.

As suddenly as it started, it was quiet again. The metal machine staggered, then fell in a shower of sparks before becoming no more. Smoke rose and dust settled.

Zack coughed from behind the bar. His body riddled from the gunfire. His buddy’s rifle was aimed at the empty space where the machine once stood. Smoke wafted from the end of the barrel and his fingers still clenched the trigger.

The cold penetrated back into the men’s souls as the falling snow covered their bodies.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

On This Sunday Night

On this Sunday night
Everything was dark and cold
Night had fallen early
Streets were slick with ice
Not a soul was out
On this Sunday night
Home was bright and warm
Friends around the table
Laughing and smiling and joking
Beers and snacks were in abundance
Lasagna baking in the oven
This is how it should be
Surrounded by warmth and friends
On this Sunday night

Friday, January 09, 2009

By The Numbers

One, two, three four
Can be such a bore
Five, six, seven, eight
Is this my fate
Nine, ten, eleven, twelve
Why do I try to delve
Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen
This will never be seen

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Paired Weapon Jingle

If you’re a Ranger on the go
You’ll need to grab your bow
But if your hands are full of swords
It’ll feel like your juggling gourds
To keep from being unprepared
Go out and buy a weapon paired

Now introducing the Paired Weapon by Magi-Co. By simply uttering the command words your Paired Weapon splits into two. Now you can fight with two fisted justice for a low economical price. Now available in Longsword, Short Sword, Scimitar, and Warhammer.

Monday, January 05, 2009

More Bar Haikus

This is a haiku
It is very dear to me
I love my haiku

When out and about
Only one thing upsets me
There is no water

Nineteen forty three
It’s the battle of Midway
Next to Arkanoid

Let us do mushrooms
It must not be a bad trip
Not like last time dude

Why do I smile
Do I just hate the bastard
Or do I love me

Friday, January 02, 2009


Lose weight, get out of debt, save money, get a better job, get fit, eat right, get a better education, drink less alcohol, quit smoking, stop gambling, reduce stress, take a trip, volunteer to help others, be less grumpy, be more independent, write a novel, read literary classics, watch classic films, self motivation, learn to cook, 1680 by 1050.