Monday, January 26, 2009

Solitary Island

Crystal blue skies
Hang overhead
Wind from the lake
Removed remnants of warmth
Leaving the solitary island

Mothers, fathers, children
Smiling and playing
Grandparents smiling
Warmth exudes from their love
In the happy places
Found in their hearts

The island stands alone
Floating amongst the lake
Waves lap against the frozen shore
Snow swirled as the wind blew
A crow soared high over the island
Not daring to land
Knowing the land was bare
For good reason
And it will remain alone
Until the end of time


  1. you have good posts, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog... follow it if you want

  2. Did you write this poem yourself?

    If so you have a talent that I envy you. If it was you that wrot it.. dont be shy tell us.. Put your name under. My wife took some sowing classes and she make some cool stuff. Her teacher told her to label her products with her name for authenticity and also for future generations to know.

    Great blog.

    Cheers.. Are

  3. Thank you for your kind words.

    Everything on this blog is original and either written by myself or by my writing partner. I always figured that having my name in the posted by section was enough to show that I wrote it, but having the first line be my name isn't a bad idea either. Thank you for the idea. I will have to think about changing how I do things.

  4. Thank you for visiting and commenting on my new blog, Feline Heights, I am returning the visit. I enjoyed your "Alone" poem. I like how you used the symbols of the island and the crow to emphasize the feeling of loneliness.

    Many writers are owned by cats. Do you have a cat in your life? The cats of Feline Heights are curious!

  5. James, I'm very impressed. You have a way with words and images that make a very striking contrast between the warmth and cold, the group of people and the solitary one. Are you part of a poetry reading group? There is one in the Regent St. neighborhood if you are interested.