Monday, March 12, 2012

First Run

First Run
By: James Dubeau

Wind blows
Chilling my bones
Fire burns
Down my legs
Water falls
From my brow
As I run
Across this town
From the sewers
To the prairies
I run
Not as fast
As I want
Not as fast
As I need
But as fast
As I can
On this early
Spring morning

Friday, March 09, 2012


By: James Dubeau

Upon the branches
Dots of white
And pink
Across the vibrant
Green of spring
I wish
I could lean in
Take a deep breath
The sweet
Scents wafting off
Those few flowers
Even if I could
They would be nothing
But a pale imitation
Of how sweet
You are
To my nose
My lips

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

There She Stands

There She Stands
By: James Dubeau

There she stands
So beautiful
Leaning against the door frame
Hands clasped behind her
Letting my eyes
Take her all in
Gray t-shirt
Clung to curves
Strong shoulders
Perky breasts
Only a half moon of flesh
With exposed belly button
Separated maroon panties
Barely covering
Rounded hips
Shapley butt
Long pink legs
Reach from the ground
Eyes beckon
For me to join her
To wrap my arms
Around her slender waist
Pull her close
Crash my wet lips
Into hers

Monday, March 05, 2012

Wash Over Me

Wash Over Me
By: James Dubeau

Waves of euphoria
Washed over me
As I laid there
Entwined with her
It was like
We had known each other
Forever and beyond
When we had met
The night before
As if we had never been apart
Words flowed freely
Across the pool table
Beer went down
Between the shots
When the night was over
We laughed and sang
All the way back
To my humble home
But when the alarm rang
All that my eyes did see
Was nothing but
The blinding sun
Washing over me