Monday, June 25, 2007

Green & Blue

Windswept leaves gently brush
The obliging air as
Supple sea embraces, flowing softly on;
A shoelace above dances over a perched rock
As a camera clicks capturing sunlight
Dripping and soaking, bouncing off
The slight sound of stillness
Offered by losing the reasons why.
The green fawns over the blue


A tongue clatters the roof of a mouth as
As a brain fills with blood as an aneurism is bursting
With odd excitement like the rapist that just finished
Leaving a half-live behind heroin might work but
A first love is dissolving, insurance agents talk with
Paramedics on a state of affairs their wives don't know about and so
Some are starving for food or connection, cautiously the latter say,
"I just want you to know me!" while the former barely can gasp.)
And the blue fawns over the green (The ball bounces).

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Nosferatu at the site of what may be encroaching daylight on recent press perfunctory for his remade somber German Expressionist film of the same name. He had an air of disdain for the remake similiar to the notion that he was more 'keen' to the original. He passive-aggressively implied that the temperature of Hollywood bullshit was exceedingly, seemingly and sometimes invariably melting polar ice caps. He went on to say 'off-the-record', but I am not one for records, that he was sorry for being part of a so-called faux bipartisanship and that it was all one conglomerate and their job was to shuffle drama so you can watch it and teeter back and forth between the fake liberal media and the fake neo-con media and wonder which way is which while they make more money and you wonder about football and Anna Nicole. He had a moment of truth, like deer-in-the-headlights, and said something about East Timor and genocide and then he caught himself and focused on catching his orb. It was quite bouncy. The sun was rising and he had to get a little shut-eye from all the ballyhoo. They had ideas of taking over lands with new plans.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Mr. Funbags

I have a surprise for you today
Things are not as they've seemed
I was away and not taking messages
It was secret fun
Embedded deeply, seemingly, in a private
Life, away from the apparent, and
rationalized perfectly, it was dazzled
With spotty sprinkles of denial
I didn't think about it then
And I don't think about it now
I figure everyone has trysts and these same
Secret things
They are rather harmless, depending
Upon your morality or disposition, however, my
Inclination is relative to animal, primordial
Itches and urges and take-offs
It was something I fell into
So I guess you don't know me
And I don't know you either