Monday, June 25, 2007

Green & Blue

Windswept leaves gently brush
The obliging air as
Supple sea embraces, flowing softly on;
A shoelace above dances over a perched rock
As a camera clicks capturing sunlight
Dripping and soaking, bouncing off
The slight sound of stillness
Offered by losing the reasons why.
The green fawns over the blue


A tongue clatters the roof of a mouth as
As a brain fills with blood as an aneurism is bursting
With odd excitement like the rapist that just finished
Leaving a half-live behind heroin might work but
A first love is dissolving, insurance agents talk with
Paramedics on a state of affairs their wives don't know about and so
Some are starving for food or connection, cautiously the latter say,
"I just want you to know me!" while the former barely can gasp.)
And the blue fawns over the green (The ball bounces).

1 comment:

  1. Interesting contrast between the first and second part of the poem. I like how the first part sets you up for a nice relaxing time. A beautiful picture of the sea side was painted in my mind. The second part rips it away with the stark realities of life.