Friday, July 14, 2006

Used Car Repair

Sometimes you take it apart
And sometimes you put it together
No matter what, it seems a little of both
At first, try one thing, although
You may find it's not the right thing
So look around, and try something else
Best to consult sources, and bring a rag
It at times can be pretty messy
Have forebearance, as with rust
And time, things go on unplanned
You can't get rid of all the squeaks
But try your best
To keep fluids at healthy levels
Attend to rearview mirror
To better move forward when operating

Friday, July 07, 2006

What You Will

Is the first day
Of the rest of my

Give exception
Second best something
The other took a left
Sharp corners of Hart and 1st.

And so if the son succeeds
The father succeeds
Or the other way around
And 'round.

"Hi ya boss, great, really me too!"
(What an asshole...get outta here)
"Good...wonderful...glad to hear it!!"
(I'm a fake asshole too).

Yet, tryin' to get back home
A big wishing well spill
I was told it's what you will.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Old Man

They're the people old man Smith used to know
Pull a chair on the porch for a brazen blow-by-blow
A smell of perfume or sound of certain song
Can knock Smith far back many year though

With that guy he used to bike the Boardwalk that year then
And sad to say, the way it went, he would not have chosen
Fitting and suture, the guy had gone into doing med back-surgery
To Smith's face he really was nice, behind it so frost and frozen

After that there was her, and with that came glazing glow
Smith's sister was her brother's sometimes so-and-so
What she was up to now he really had no idea
Perhaps deserved, she left Smith and love cold as snow

Old man Smith did not think he'd know any of them forever
Because money or some silly thing it was due sever
People he used to know, most eventually went on their own
The way it went he couldn't have predicted, no, no not never

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Short Fix

Hero and heroine
In vain
Hero and heroin
In vein.

The .250 Man

"Mike, would you please...put the bat...DOWN!!! Mike? Alright great...great jersey...wonderful, now we need to talk. And I need you to listen, MIKE!!! Would you please PLEASE listen to me, you've got plenty of time to get to the game...Mike?!"
" know I need to get to the game...I...just...ya know...this slump...I really don't need this shit...I'm under enough pressure...goin' on the road and all that..."
She looked up from picking at her fingers, "honey...?"
"I am in a slump...ya know?"
"WHAT...I can't hit the FUCKING BALL!"
"That is not what I'm talking about at all."
"Well, what are you talkin' about?"
"Mike, you're gonna be goin' away, but does it really matter anyway...? I mean, you're so damn distant, you just...inside...keep it...I'm not going to judge you...maybe our problems..."
"That has nothing to do with it...I can't hit the fucking ball, see there are balls.... and there are strikes...I can't hit either fuckin' one...okay...OKAY...I mean...!?"
She interjected, "What I'm saying is...YOU AND ME...I mean, you're stronger than that...the slump?...Now Mike," she reached over pausing passionately as she clutched his shoulder, "I'm sorry I yelled." She kissed him softly...gently on his lips, “You know I love you...and you know you'll get through this...just...."
He turned his head as she whispered so only he would ever hear, in the slightest whisper, "just take it out on the ball...just...hit it far, way out there... okay?"