Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The Tools I Carry

The Tools I Carry
By: James Dubeau

Belt weighed down
By many of my tools
Tape measure
For measuring 2x4s
To see into darkened corners
To record it all with
And inspection kit
Packed to the brim
Inside that opened top kit
Are most of the tools
That are used
Every day
Electrical tester
For 2-prong outlets
Electrical tester
For GFCI protection
Electrical tester
When no contact is needed
Small mirror
For hidden numbers
Extendable magnet
To evaluate gutter metal
Or sometimes
To fin a wayward screw
A pick
To prove wet wood
Digital thermometer
For water temperature
Ball point pen
For signing contracts
Pen style stylus
To tap in my notes
On the temperamental PDA
Shirt pocket bulges
With 2-way radio
For communication
With the boss
My satchel lays
Down in the basement
Atop the clothes dryer
With the rest of my tools
Electric screw gun
For removing panels
Ratcheting screwdriver
With oh so many bits
For challenging screws
Breath mask
And goggles
And suit
For attic excursions
Laser thermometer gun
To check ACs
Back-up batteries
Incase the flashlight dies
Moisture meter
To prove my suspicions
Business cards
In one pocket
Microwave beanbag
In another
Indoor only shoes
Fill out the bottom
So that mud and snow
Encrusted boots
Don’t track across
Fresh carpeting and clean floors
Leaning against the front door
Are items to big to carry
My short step stool
To see a little higher
And my collapsible
To get upon roofs
Locked away in the truck
Far out at the curb
Are the rest of the tools
Unused every day
But important every month
To ensure that everything runs smooth
While inspecting
The house

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