Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Computerized Thoughts

Computerized Thoughts
By: James Dubeau

What if there was a way
To download to computer
All that I am thinking
And have stored away
From this head of mine
Then I could have
Each thought
Each idea
Each emotion
Displayed out
On a 3D
Display table
All would be shown
As a tangled web
Of images
Before I flick my hand
An it all straightens out
Into a thin line
Of scrambled images
To the table’s edge
Slowly my fingers move
Flicking images up and down
And all around
To several different piles
Of like minded
Hopes and dreams
Fears and despair
And those little
Every day quarks
Which keep this mind running
Near peak efficiency
These sorted little piles
Could tell me
Exactly what is riding
Locked away in my head
Then I could
Decide what is needed
What is extraneous
What should be acted upon
What can be left along
And what is just
Complete and utter trash

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