Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Evening Jog

Evening Jog
By: James Dubeau

Take a deep breath
Step out the door
One foot after another
It has been a long time
But it is time once again
No more than an hour halved
And I should be back
If I do not return within an hour
I shall be dead
Or dieing
On a street corner
Send out the dogs to find me
The sun hangs low
Peaking over roof tops
As foot fall follows
Foot fall
Music strapped down
Cords imbedded into my head
The pace is slow
Building up steam
Hip screams out in pain
Breath comes in pants
It is not long before the first corner
And the second
Slightly down hill
Steam builds
And momentum flows
Foot after foot
Along the concrete pads
Corner three is turned
An even playing field ahead
Fires go dim
Steam dies down
But I can do this
I know I can
Fuel is added
Stoking the fire
Powering the engine
Deep within my soul
Fourth corner in sight
A steep climb ahead
The fire almost burned out
But one last go
Pour on what is left
Pace quickens
Altitude gained
And I find myself home again
Shirt soaked
Body aches
All smiles

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