Friday, August 07, 2009

Demon Clutches Tight

Demon Clutches Tight
By: James Dubeau

As you wonder through the forest
A demon clutches tight
Hanging onto your back
No matter what you do
There is no shaking him
His claws dig in deep
Talons piercing the skin
Blood weeps from torn flesh
A fork appears in the path
One to the north
The other to the south
Keep on going the way it has been
Or hope for something different
A bigger demon swoops down
As the south path is chosen
Knocking the parasite
From your back
Making sure the old pest
Will never bother you again
Instead of walking tall
The weight removed
He latches on as well
Claws digging deeper
Teeth tearing into flesh
Forcing you to slump
From the added weight
If only the original remained
The comfortable demon
But he is gone
Forever replaced
By the new

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