Friday, June 09, 2006

Personal 82

I want a man to love
Who is willing to share life
In its deepest reaches
Forms, in, intimacy
Joys and concerns
I like to swim in pools
Canoe, boat, um...hike snowshoe and walk
Dance, discuss social issues...politics?
I like to problem solve
And am willing to learn...
Looking for a like-minded person
Who is rare and who has found it difficult...
So far, to find, the right


  1. Are you trying to tell me something? lol

    I allways enjoy reading works from the oppeset gender of the writer. It reminds the not to associate the voice with the writer, they are two different entities.

    I hope you had as much fun writing this poem as I had reading it.

  2. it is really awesome,keep on writing.