Tuesday, July 22, 2008


“What’s going on in here?” Shohe asked as she entered the small room. “You’ve been in here for weeks. I’ve missed you so much. Please come out, I even made you some dinner.”

“I’m almost done,” Dat hollered back at his wife. “I’ll be up very shortly. As soon as I finish this little project. Now get out of here before I beat you.”

“Oh Dat,” she laughed as she shut the door, “You’re so cute.”

Dat had been working nonstop in his ‘lab’ for over a week. He had told Shohe that he was still looking for a job. That some deep soul searching and meditation, along with intensive Internet searching will find him a job. A job that he so desperately needed. A job that would keep his mind from wondering. As you know, idle hands do the devil’s work, doubly so for any type of engineer…

A few hours had passed, Dat kept working in his dimly lit lab. “I’m finished,” he finally yelled out. “Now they will pay.” Dat got up and walked out of his lab.

“Are you finished dear?” Shohe inquired.

“Almost,” he replied. “I just have to go talk to the boys for a second.” Dat continued down the hallway. Upon reaching the end he knocked on the closed door.

“What is it man?” A slightly Jamaican voice called out from the inside.

“I have finished it, Gergery. Now you will pay.”

“Thank you man. Here’s the $100 I owe you for the parts and labor.” Gergery opened his door and handed the money to Dat. “I’ll call Jamwes and we can install it right away. I’ll meet you at the van.”

Dat took the money and walked back to his lab. “Where did you go?” Shohe asked as he walked by. He flashed her the cash and winked as he walked by. “Ahh, I see now.”

Dat slowly opened the door to his lab. He kept it so dark in there that he could barley see where he was going. After tripping over a stack of books, he finally made it to his workbench. He hefted the heavy piece of machinery over his shoulder and carried it outside.

“Where are you going with that rail gun?” Shohe inquired as Dat walked by.

“Oh, um,” Dat tried to reply. “No where, just around.”

“Oh, ok. Your dinner’s getting cold.”

“I’ll be back shortly,” Dat grunted as he carried the rail gun down the stairs. He met Gergery and Jamwes outside at the van. “Now before I install this thing I just have to ask one more time. Are you going to use this for the powers of good or evil?”

“Ummmm,” Jamwes stumbled. “For the powers of evil, err, I mean good. Defiantly for the powers of good.”

“Ok, just wanted to make sure. Now tell me if you need any other devices, I’ll be more then happy to make them for you.”

Dat opened the rear door of the van and bolted down the rail gun. The question of how the rail gun will fight crime and help the forces of good never occurred to Dat. He was just happy to finally be doing something that kept his mind off the boredom that is his unemployed life. He walked upstairs and smiled to himself, knowing that he is now a better man, for he is not truly insane with boredom.


  1. I can relate to this for sure.
    Ah, former roommates, and how quickly they come in and out of your (our) life. Nice!