Monday, July 21, 2008

An Open Book

Finding a book that is open is like permission to read the book. Lets say you go into your sisters room while your growing up. Why are you there? I don’t know. Does it matter? Maybe you were just throwing her sweatshirt into her room because your mother asked you to. It doesn’t really matter really. What matters is that you are there, in your sister’s room, and you see an open book on her desk. Not just any book, but her diary. Something that a little brother should never find. The brother-sister code, no, it demands, that you read the diary. You may start with the open page and then start flipping through. Finding all of the juiciest details about all the boys that she likes, girls that she hates, and her true loathing of her little brat of a brother. A wealth of information is laid out before you and it is your purpose in life to use and abuse the information that is discovered.

That is how Frank felt when he stumbled across the open day planner in his office cafeteria. Page after page of names, dates, phone numbers, and appointments laid out before him. Frank looked around the empty cafeteria. No one was in sight. No one that could own the day planner. Frank paged through the day planner but nothing jumped out at him, not even any contact information for the day planner owner. He flipped it shut and went to work on his laptop while nibbling a vending machine egg-salad sandwich. He was thinking that someone would stop by. Someone would miss the day planner and come looking for it. But no one came and the day planner sat there. It sat there and mocked him. “Open me,” it said, “read me.” After what felt like days the day planner won and Frank picked it up and started reading.

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