Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Trap

The soft crunch of the freshly fallen snow was music to Steve’s ears as he trekked across the snow covered field. It wasn’t too far to the edge of the woods, and then it would only be a mile hike across a few different properties before he reached the tree stand that he had set up. The northern Wisconsin woods were peaceful, a place where you could go to lose yourself. No worries, no problems, no cell phone reception. Just the serine bliss that comes from being deep in the wilderness. The worst part would be having to drag out the buck. They can get quite heavy.

After the short hike Steve had his tree stand in sight, just where he left it.

Snap! Crack! Echoed through the woods when Steve approached the ladder to his tree stand. It took a moment for the shock to wear off, but when he looked down a large old rusted bear trap was clamped around his now deformed leg. As he collapsed in pain a note nailed to a nearby tree caught his eye. It read: You get what you deserve murderer!


  1. I like it! How mysterious!! I LOVE your discription - that's one of my favorite parts of writing!! Can I add you to my blogroll??

  2. Yes, great description dude. Isn't this the prompt we were almost identical on?

  3. Thank you p.j. I find that discriptions are the one thing that I'm always working on because, to me, they are never good enough. I love the pictures that writers like Dashiel Hammett can paint in my mind and I want to be able to paint with the same brush.

    It is that very same prompt, timc. You should post yours too. Maybe we can have a poll to see which one people think is better.