Friday, April 27, 2007

Got Lots of Old Stuff Lying Around

“Get me another beer!” he yelled from the couch. Clumsily the old man picked up the tv remote and started flipping channels. “Why ain’t there no damn sports on?” he yelled at Bob Barker.

Frank put the beer on the coffee table and went back to the office in his home. It had been two months since his father had escaped the home. “The nurses were worse then the damn Japs,” he had said when he showed up on Frank’s doorstep with a suitcase in hand.

For two months the old man had been making Frank’s life miserable. He rarely got up from the couch and when he did it was just to berate Frank with another volley of insults and complaints. It’s no wonder as to why the nurses hated him.

“Check out the shitter on that critter!” rang from the living room. The old man was watching day-time soaps again…

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