Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sodium Pentothal

"Antics, they spin around, if not careful,
One could land on you, they were as the rain,
And collided with the puddles."
For he was the one on top, so he continued,
"Sometimes they were used as smoke screens,
Sometimes to slow, or even catalyze
Antics were jack-off-all-trades,
But you might be barter short, sometimes they're
Less than obvious and obvious fell far
One usually came after the other, and
They were closer to the paper than the distant trees."

Well, he said, he had something on his chest
He said, "Really, by now this seems best.
And they're really not always so bad."
I took a drink out of my glass, as had he,
The water, was surprisingly fresh
I agreed, and wondered if this was,
Just another one, remembering the
Film on the glass
Everyone used them, even did I?
And this, indeed yes, was one too
Antics, as he said, spin around.


  1. Man, who’da thought it. I feel connected to you in some psycho way. Fate, I guess, is what the Swiss would call it. How’dya feel about green tea icecream? I’m agoraphobic, so this will never turn into anything real. But you can send me presents if you like.

  2. Not sure how I got here but pleased I did. Congtatulations on a really interesting outlook on life. Obviously I am not alone in my rantings or half as mad as people tell me. Good luck and remember....
    be pure
    Be vigilent

  3. I just have to say that I absolutely love the title of your blog.

    And I don't know why, but I really liked this post (poem?)...look forward to reading more!