Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Old Oak Tree

Old Oak Tree
By: James Dubeau

Dawn’s early morning light
Twinkling specks amongst the darkness
Fade with the rising sun
The great orange ball hangs low
Impressing all that see it
Alone in the field
Stands a tall oak tree
His trunk wide with age
Leafy branches covering the tree
As the sun lights the field
A dark path emerges through the grass
Shadow elongated
From the wise old oak tree
Morning turns to noon
Sun raises high in the sky
Shadows shorten
Reducing to nothing
A leaf breaks free
Falling slowly to earth
Followed by another
And another
Cool crisp wind
Breaks several free
Fall is coming
Noon slowly turns to evening
Shadows reemerge from the tree
Heading in the opposite direction as before
Branches thin as leaves fall to the wayside
Leaving behind only a fatted trunk
Wisdom leaves with the falling leaves
Twinkling speaks return
As evening turns to night
Horizon gradually covers the falling sun
The old oak tree stands alone


  1. I like your poems . They are just so refreshing. You depict the thoughts so very beautifully in words , I wish I could express my feelings the way you do . I just love your posts.

  2. Nice Blog. very well layed out and great content

  3. I enjoyed reading your poems. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Excellent Poem. I liked the continuity. It really gave me an impression of a deeper meaning.

  5. Nice. You put me right there in that field.

  6. very nice poems, hopping that you could write poem about love for valentines day...

  7. wonderful poems. I look forwarding to reading more.