Monday, February 09, 2009

Muscles Scream In Pain

Muscles Scream In Pain
By: James Dubeau

Just starting out
Muscles scream in pain
It is to far to go
The long path lay
Stretching out
One foot after another
One step at a time
A quarter of the way done
Muscles start to loosen up
The path does not seem to far
One foot after another
Moving easy now
Halfway finished
Halfway to go
Sweat pouring
Dripping down
Flying about as
Three quarters finished
Muscles scream in pain
Just a little bit further
Just a little bit longer
Only thing that keeps feet moving
Is knowing that the end is near
At the end
Legs are weak
But it is all worth it
In the end
Or at least it will be
In a few months time


  1. I LOVE this post! I am a Personal Trainer and this totally describes mine and my clients daily struggle, lol! Thank you for beautifying the experience with words!

  2. I like the rhythm of this piece.

  3. i really like your rhyme way .. you express your though .. its really cool....