Friday, November 10, 2006


You were the best
Damn underwater basket weaver
In the whole desert,
But you took with the camels
And traversed coral caverns
Leaving aqua cacti in sandy wake

Embroidered upon your last sagebrush basket
"Whosoever, no one lives forever"
Amongst trails and tales of blowing desert sand,
It couldn't have been accidental
As watermark ocean waves,
You were transcontinental


  1. Beautifull poem..?
    Never been so far away :-)


  2. WOW you changed your blog...when did that happen? Am I totally out of touch or something? Hey if you get this you should really come to one or both of the following!!

    Mother Of Fools
    Fri June 30th
    8 pm
    (I'm playing a song with Makeshift Ego)

    High Noon Saloon
    Mon Jul 3
    9 pm
    PINTS!!!!! YAR!!!!!

    hope to see you at one....keep writing those beautiful words :)

  3. love it...i posted as a comment on a friend's myspace page, hope u don't mind.