Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Revolutionary Moon

These questions need to be asked
And in due turn an answer would be nice
Meanwhile--it's supper, and shall we
Suppose with our ice tea that that should suffice

And on account of the stars and moon above
The sightly seasons spin as does the earth
And try do we to predict the weather like a fine fit glove
But no we can't, no more, no less--than our screaming birth

Thus, are sure of just a few little things
Such as the green grass and the buzz of pesky house flies
And with age and with that the wrinkle it so quickly brings
But on account of surprise, maybe rationalize and philosophize

However, what else should or could we do...?
Another morning with corn flakes, newspaper and spoon
Another place or time, a radical assault...a coup
Today--the earth crashed into the revolutionary moon


  1. It seems that there is so much that the speaker wants to say/do/ask. Unfortunatly there is no answers to what he asks, The only things that we are sure of are old age and those little annoyances that plague us day to day. The questions that he asks and the answers that he seaks are ultimatly squashed by day to day living.

  2. really great writing you lot have going on here

    gonna link to yas asap! :)

  3. Hi, I cannot write poetry, have never in all my 80 years so I am just wanting to say I hope you publish. You are a natural.
    Betty G

  4. yep, I like it too... my I put your blog as a link on mine? Check mine out first, some's my own others not.