Tuesday, December 27, 2011

End Over End

End Over End
By: James Dubeau

Monday I went to the gym for my strength assessment. I had been warned by a buddy of mine that they would make me hurt. Nevertheless I went in expecting to make it through the entire time with the personal trainer. I was wrong.

First off he asked what I normally use for cardio. When I told him I prefer treadmills he promptly put me on an elliptical and cranked up the resistance. Next he introduced to an upside down squat press machine. After the first set I said the weight was at the maximum of my comfort zone so he replaced the weights with much larger ones and told me to do it again. Then it was free standing squats, he held my hips down in the second set. The straw which broke this camel’s back was the fifteen pushups. Those halted the workout and left my stomach turning end over end.

Having at least one day of being queasy at the beginning of a new exercise regime seems to be par for the course for me. This time around I had hoped to not be left two steps away from vomiting. A queasy stomach is something which I abhor. Anyone who knows me well knows that when I vomit it sounds like I’m having sex because all they hear is me shouting “Oh God” several times before each upheaval.

At this point all I can do is soldier on. Over time strength and endurance will build and I’ll be able to make it through a full exercise routine. As for now I’m like a child in early December who wants it to be Christmas. Why can’t I have the presents already?

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