Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bad Habits

Bad Habits
By: James Dubeau

Please excuse us while we interrupt the creative writing with some actual blogging.

Over the past six months I have fallen back into the bad habits which I had worked so hard to leave behind in the previous six months. Eating out was always the easy alternative to grocery shopping and cooking for myself. Finding time to exercise became increasingly difficult after acquiring a new job with still working the old one. Writing had fallen by the wayside too with less poetry being posted upon the blog until the posts had all but stopped.

We are now once again at the end of the year. A time in which people commonly reevaluate their lives and habits while creating a list of resolutions to improve upon things. Hopefully at some point before the start of a new year I’ll actually create a list of New Year Resolutions. As for now I’ve started making some changes. After work I decided to finally join a gym.

Right now I’m in the early stages but I’m thinking of running the 2012 Madison Marathon. I know that after I ran the last one I swore that I would never do it again. The time commitment at the end does become a huge drain. However planning to run a marathon is a great reason to kick start an exercise regimen and gives me a goal. I’ll have to run it faster than I did last year.

As of right now I’ll plan on running the Madison Marathon on May 27, 2012. Over the next few months I’ll blog my progress at least once a week here. I’ve also wanted to do a photo timeline where I take a picture of myself every so often to see how things change over the course of time. These running blogs will be a good of place as any to track these changes.

It was hard to get back onto the horse today. I have only run a handful of times over the past six months. I am back to the same square one that I was at a year ago. If I include my warm-up and cool-down I actually made it to 5k. That being said my speed was much slower and there was a lot more walking then I would have liked, I was doing about 5.5 mph with 2 minutes of walking every 10 minutes. All that can really be said was that this was a start. Maybe not the best start ever, but at least I am now onto the right track. Hopefully over the course of the next week I’ll be able to make it the full 5k without counting the warm-up and cool-down. As of right now I fear the soreness which will most likely ravage my poor legs in the morning. Hopefully I did enough stretches tonight.

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