Monday, September 19, 2011

Pathetic Existence

Pathetic Existence
By: James Dubeau

What a pathetic little existence
We all have
Trying to get from point A
To point B
In our meaningless insignificant lives
As I lie here
Fighting back the pain
And coughs
Endured by this dreaded illness
Of mine
It will be my curse until the end of time
My closed eyes
Listen to the world’s soul
Rhythmic buzzing of a heartbeat
God’s beat
Measuring out what is to come
Pain and joy
And all that which the future holds
Beyond the reach of fingertips
Trying to grasp razor sharp tendrils
To have
And hold tight against my flesh
Being one
With all that surrounds and binds us
But failing
Returning to that meaningless existence

1 comment:

  1. Never read this one before. I totally dig everything about it. Well-written and great flow. Sadly, I think most peple can identify with your ideas, themes and feelings in this work. Great job yo!