Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Walking Together

Walking Together
By: James Dubeau

Lush green expanses
Roll in every direction
Deep in the heart
Of the city
We walk together
Hand in hand
Down un-groomed trails
Every pebble is felt
Though the soles
Of well loved shoes
Early spring overcast skies
Begin to part
Showing glimpses
Of bright blue heaven
Hills were steep
As trails wind over
But our steps together
Come easy
Around the bend
Over the ridge line
Towers of brick and steel loom
Watching us
Reminding us
That we are still
Surrounded by urban landscapes
And have not
Been transported back
One hundred years or more
As the isolation
Had led us to believe
No other visitors
Were on those trails
Nor could automobiles
Be heard
The only accompanist
On our journey
Were chipmunks
And rabbits
And blue jays above
But our time
Amongst Mother Nature
Had come to an end
And we had
To return to city life
Grasping each other’s hand tight
We took a deep breath
And stepped from the wilderness
Back to the concrete
And steel
And realities of life

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