Friday, April 29, 2011

Unfinished Ballad

Unfinished Ballad
By: James Dubeau

The cold had a frigid bit
As snow fell throughout the night
Down through the bombed out roof
Of the beloved Boar’s Red Hoof

Coughing Zack reached for a smoke
And mumbled a dry bad joke
Quinn smiled and tried to ignore
The crimson blood upon the floor

They sure got me good back there
Zack had said and then did swear
Why the hell did those bombs fall
He had lost it all and began to bawl

We are here and that matters
Humanity maybe tatters
We will still be fighting on
Until the last of them are gone

Quinn then passed a whiskey jar
You will have a wicked scar
Zack did laugh and then he winced
His fate was sealed Quinn was convinced

Crash! Bomb! The wall exploded
Giant beast then unloaded
Shells and bullets then did fly
Under a red evil eye

Quinn did duck behind the bar
Zack was not behind by far
Or so she thought when she did move
But he had something left to prove

I’m not going without a fight
Zack had stood, his rifle tight
Returning fire on that night
It sure was quite the sight

The metal beast, it did glare
It did not move, just stood there
Bullets hit silver skin
As sweat rolled off Zack’s poor chin

Get out of here Zack did shout
It’s closing time without a doubt
This mother is going down
So you should get out of town

Quinn did duck and she did weave
Zack pulled grenades from his sleeve
The metal monster kept firing
Trying to stop the conspiring

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