Monday, January 11, 2010

A Moment To Vent

A Moment To Vent
By: James Dubeau

Fucking people need to go
They need to sod off and die
There is no need to shoot my car
Breaking the driver side window
Just because you are bored
Should not be a reason to egg my car
Nor because your drunk ass
Doesn’t know how to drive
Or pay attention to the road
Give you an excuse
To rear end my car
Smashing the bumper to bits
Why does the general public
Only agree on one thing
Which is that I cannot
Have nice things
My car must be battered
And disgraced
Until the semblance of a nice thing
Has gone away
But I give a fair warning
To the general public out there
Hell will be paid
If anyone is ever caught
Fucking with my car

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