Wednesday, December 02, 2009

It All Hangs In The Balance

It All Hangs In The Balance
By: James Dubeau

It all hangs in the balance
And I do not know
Which way to go
Will moving a step to the left
Be my ultimate downfall
Or would going right
Bring me down instead
Neither way is up
Neither way is good
For I am standing upon
A seesaw of the damned
Children of the corn
Frolic with daemons and devils
Chanting and singing
As they circle about
My utter destruction
And to feast
Upon my bruised and battered corpse


  1. Gruesome! Sounds like so many things in life, especially the corporate world. =) I could see you teetering on the edge, trying to avoid the cruelty of any decision you make, but knowing no matter what it will truly be the lesser of two evils. Hmmm

  2. Thank you. Luckily, so far, I have avoided the corporate world. To bad the two or more evils will always be around to bring us all down.