Monday, August 04, 2008

Three Minutes

Clip your toenails, download porn, eat a hot pocket, read a haiku
Get a phone call, tie your shoes, put on a clean shirt, find your keys
Warm up the car, wait at a stoplight, forget where you’re going, what you’re doing
Chug a beer, slam a whiskey, smoke a joint
Take a piss, wash your hands, make new friends, get a phone number
Kick off shoes, unbutton a shirt, unhook a bra, fumble for ecstasy
Forget a phone number, a name, a life
Rob a store, ruin a shirt, reload a gun, crash a car
Live it up, fall from grace, truly live, truly die


  1. 'Three Minuets' or is it supposed to be 'Three Minutes'? And it usually takes you more than three minutes to unhook a bra right? Well, that's what I heard anyway. overall, like where you're going here...

  2. You are totally right. Thank you, I'll fix that typo right now. As for three minutes to unhook a bra, how much foreplay do you put into it? Sounds like not enough my friend.