Thursday, August 07, 2008

'The Incredible Hulk' Review

***/***** You've probably read that the movie in some people's opinion is a glorified chase scene for two hours with not much substance and overblown CGI effects. Or you've read that it delivers and The Hulk (franchise?) has been redeemed and that the action scenes are awesome, the pacing good, and The Hulk's roar loud. I would say that the truth, or my opinion, lies somewhere in between. While the CGI is at times egregious and fakely applied, so much so it could possibly take you out of the movie, so is the whole premise of the thing. But it is a comic book movie, and if you can suspend your disbelief for that, it is not much further a stretch to just take the CGI for what it is: that is, a part of a nicely paced, entertaining chase film, with moderate character development and substance, that happens to be incorporated with comic book characters. The good guys most likely win--barely; and in the sequel we'll find out if the proverbial 'beast' or 'mutant' will be reunited with his 'girl-next-door'. All the while a new villian is making devious and disastrous plans, for what else would a comic hero do if not?

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  1. Wow. After I read your first sentence I thought I was reading a review about Indiana Jones 4.

    I think I have to disagree with your review. For me, the CGI was not bad enough to take me out of the movie; I thought it looked pretty good. This is one of those movies where you have to go into it realizing that a small guy and turn into a large monster. Sure, when you see the large green guy running amok it does look fake, however, you have to suspend your disbelief about that fact because it is a comic book movie. The premise is about as simple as action movies gets these days; military turns into monster, guy runs away, military chases guy, each encounter more explosive than the last, and then ending with a huge action sequence.

    I liked the characterization of the, um, characters. When my parents asked me what movies to see this summer (opening weekend of The Incredible Hulk) I told them to see Hulk over Iron Man, even though I enjoyed Iron Man more. I felt Hulk was a better story that my parents would enjoy the story of Bruce Banner.

    As for the sequel, I’ve heard that weather or not the Hulk is a villain in The Avengers movie will depend on box office receipts. If the movie does well enough then there will be a sequel before The Avengers, which would mean that Hulk would be a good guy in Avengers. If it doesn’t do well enough then Hulk would be the bad guy in The Avengers and be the reason why The Avengers teamed up, just like in the comics.