Monday, March 27, 2006

Red & Blue

Red and Blue
hanging upon the wall
illuminating the seedy night below

why were red and blue chosen
above all others
was it passion
or just apathy

please tell me red
why you were selected
was it because you were full of fire
or that you fit in so well
with your red light district stigma
Satan and Communists
maybe because you were cheap
like a K-mart red light special

what about blue
why were you chosen
because you were cool like ice
keeping things level and contained
with the boys in blue
or was it simply because
red could not be seen without
the video game accomplice of blue

what ever the reason
which may never be known
it is sure to be a good one

I salute you
colored lights upon the wall
with every drink of beer
that I will have tonight


  1. This is my fav piece you have ever written. I like too much about it to go into it here, but will Thursday...
    Great job?

  2. I don't know if this would bother you... but that made me think of Domino's pizza.

  3. Interesting poem. Most creative I have read today.

  4. Quit writing about bars and booze you alkie!!! I mean, GEEZ!!!