Friday, August 31, 2012

She Plays

She Plays
By: James Dubeau

She smiles
Blissfully unaware
Of the world around her
Laughing at it all
Seeing life as nothing
But a joke
Even amongst the squalor
The debris
The filth
Even as the lights go dim
When the power is shutoff
Silencing air conditioner
And TV alike
She was sad
For only the briefest of moments
Before returning to chores
Cleaning the kitchen table
One item at a time
Five minutes between each
While scolding the puppy
Who drags her shoes
Across the house
Which should have been put away
Days before
But he keeps tugging shoes
She tries to pull away
With a gleam in his eye
Thinking she’s playing
While she laughs and yells
And perhaps even the dog knows
Behind the mock anger
She truly is
Just playing

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