Monday, August 01, 2011

Liquid Dancer

Liquid Dancer
By: James Dubeau

At the dance floor edge
He stands
Amongst the kids
Covered with glowing baubles
Under the strobe lights
He does not belong there
His plaid shorts do not belong
In the sea of black
Neither does his
White tank top under
Unbuttoned linen shirt
His baseball cap
Pulled low
Covering what should have been
Ashamed eyes
But yet
When the right bass moves him
He takes a step
Then a second
Onto the dance floor
His hands move
In liquid motions
Around invisible hovering balls
As if he perfected dancing
Into a martial art
To the gyrating couples
Quivering around him
As his movements
Take him further
Onto the dance floor
To the reverberating speakers
Flanking the DJ

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