Monday, June 14, 2010

Mechanic Falls

Mechanic Falls
By: James Dubeau

The west was a land
Untamed by man
Until the twin iron trail was laid
Across the plains
Through the mountains
Over the ravines
Finding the way
Bringing man and beast
To the land of
Gold and plenty
Was the iron horse
Upon the trail
Even though it breathed fire
Belching thick black smoke
The beast thirsted for that
Which quenches you and I
On a hot summer day
Mountain spring water
The men of the Union Pacific
Felt it was wise
To provide a respite
For their iron machine
So a tower was built
And maintained by a man
Who was very serious
About his job
Until one day
When up on the tower
An eagle that dared
Mistook his bald head
For a bit of lunch
He tripped and he slipped
Hitting that shiny bald orb
Upon every rung
Of that forty foot ladder
And that is why
My hometown
Goes by the name
Mechanic Falls

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