Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Omelet Has You

Omelet Has You
By: James Dubeau

(NOTE: This story was thrown together in a moments notice baised upon something a friend said on FaceBook. Reader beware, this is a terrible first draft.)

“You won’t get away with this!” Shoshanna spat across the kitchen. Her hands were held locked in gooey melted cheese.

“Not only can I get away with it,” a chunk of diced ham fell from the omelet’s mouth as he chuckled, “I already have. This time the tables have been turned. This time I have you.”

The young woman struggled against the bindings, but it was useless. Melted cheese stretched and oozed into gaps when she moved. There was no escape.

Green pepper chunks bounced across the floor as the omelet slid across the floor. The evil gleam in his eyes reflected on the knife and fork in his hands. Tongue licking his lips. “I wonder if you taste best with salt and pepper or if I should slather you in salsa.”

With a crash the door flew open. A pot crashed into the edible beast, hot coffee splashed upon its yellow skin. “NO!” the omelet screamed. “You can’t have her! She is mine!”

“She is yours no longer!” Pat lunged, egg beater in hand. Within moments the omelet was reduced to crumbles and the girl was saved.

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