Monday, September 01, 2008

Random Bar Poems

Darkest night
Brightest light
Why can’t it just end?
Or at least just mend

The bar is still
But I am not
I am a restless sprit
I want to roam
I need to roam
I need excitement
Some where other then here
Somewhere else then here
I am gone
I vanish
Into the night
Away from the drunken revelry
Into the night
I disappear

When I make an ass of myself
Which is quite often
It is not intentional
I did not mean it
All that I do,
is ask for your forgiveness
It is all that I can do,
when I am in this state
Please listen to me
You are the only one
Please listen to me
Only you can
I love you
For ever
And always

1 comment:

  1. I suggest that you take a look at "Dream Variation" by Langston Hughes. I believe it would be a good format to study (technique and expression) if you choose to continue to edit this poem.