Thursday, January 18, 2007

Seasonal Blahsphemy Syndrome (S-BS)

The Customer Service Referral Specialist transferred me to the Coordinating Member Representative's Transcontinental Telecommunication Device. I had planned and prepared well, and was ready for the Propositive Networking Conference Event, and what could spring. We were team positive rather than opponent negative, and he was Goal-Oriented and ran the Business Cooperative Association nicely. His Vocal Chord Output was Well-Versed Affirmitive Reinforcement, and the Customer Home Base Service Board Stock Holders thought this to be tres fabulous. So, I grabbed my Proficient Inking Device, and had a jolly go-go. The paper held up quite well as I took Educationally Informed, Knowledgeably Based jottings, as he spoke. Things were going positively-warm, like sunny summer. They should've, as the night before I had preprayed to the Spiritual Love Savior. However, fall fell. I spilled Mountain Grown Coffee Java all over my Executive Pro Plus Threads. Second-degree, with minor dermal damage it was. In doing so, I had Negatively-Affected his Positive Mantra Position with line and staff. We had a wintrily exchange of emotions like jagged ice. And then I was fired and burned as Support Staff Specialist Supervisor.

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