Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Battle of Paper & Clip

It was proactive and action-oriented vice
Curved around its self twice or slyly slight thrice
For Clip was firm and held things in place
And Paper seldom exceeded plead, just-in-case

From a box of many it came
Here to keep these Papers tame
Assistant to red-tape, it had many uses
Manipulated, it could be bent and twirled as abuses

And the Paper would line, waiting for ink
Sometimes teetering right next to the brink
Deskination, brings about jag and rip
And so this is the battle of Paper & Clip


  1. When I read this poem I get a sing-song flow in my mind. Most of the flow works, but some did not. Take the third line for example, "For clip was firm and held things in proper place." held things in proper place just dosen't flow well with the first two lines.

  2. Cool shoes, dude. What are MY suggestions? Lookit my basic overview of my novel and go from there. God bless you with discerment, brudda.

  3. I know it's a bit tired, but I really do love poems that rhyme, I love the way they sound. I really liked the imagery that you brought to such simple every day objects as the paper and the paper clip. Nice work.

  4. This made me think of you just sitting. Staring at your desk and waiting for something to hit you to write. Then all of a sudden you start losing it, it's getting late. Then you start rhyming in your head. The you play out this play with a paper clip and paper then you make them battle in this epic sense. Then it all hits, your done. I like it.