Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Attack of the Santas

'Twas the day before Christmas
we saw such a sight
it was a million Santas
robbing every store in sight

Their leader was obvious
he had all the might
while holding a Santa head
he commanded them to fight

They all ran straight at us
the Santa clones in mass
the red flood of fury came
to pummel us to grass

The leader laughed with a HO HO of glee
as he threw the head straight at me
I caught it by reaction, That was all I could do
I may never sleep again, how could you?

My friends were in need
I could not go to help
it was intriguing indeed
the words that they shout

Those are Santa clones
for they are not real
they are attacking drones
soon we won't feel

I finally found the rage
to attack the red in sight
they couldn't put me in a cage
oh no, not on that night

It was a loosing battle
we were to be fodder
the Santas came like cattle
not prepared for the slaughter

I looked up to the sky
and what could possibly go by
but Santa and his sleigh
with paratroopers on their way

They landed on the hill
and put up a fight
they shot to kill
and nailed every clone in sight

The clones' leader went away
but his note did stay
I am Satan Claws it did say
and I'll return one of these days

So that is how it happened
when I saved the day
Santa made me a Captain
And thanked me 'til mid May

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